Phone Call Harassment

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

How do I stop telemarketers?Debt collectors, credit card companies, service providers and telemarketers frequently use auto-dialers or pre-recorded messages as their method of contact. Your privacy gets violated by calls early in the morning, during dinner, when you have company or otherwise are busy. If these calls are made to your cell phone, the collector has most likely violated the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act or (TCPA).

Whether you owe a debt, or you don’t, the TCPA makes it illegal for any person or any company to use an auto dialer to call your cell phone without your prior express consent. The damages under the TCPA are mandatory for each call placed to your cell phone using an auto-dialer without your prior express consent, and you may be eligible for compensation of up to $1500 per call.

What do I do if I’m receiving robo calls?

free call logIf you are receiving robo calls, or think you are receiving robo calls, track all calls with this call log and then contact us for a free case review. We will listen to your experience and let you know if you have a case, with no obligation to you. If you have a case, we will counsel you on your right to seek damages of $500 for each call. And in some instances, courts can levy triple damages!

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