Credit Card Debt Lawsuit Defense

Debt Help Lawyers provide credit card debt lawsuit defense and fight wage garnishment.

Debt collectors are like bullies, they like to pick on you when you’re smaller or all alone.  But like a bully, when you’re with someone bigger and who knows how to fight back, debt collectors usually run – or at least fight fair. Don’t ignore and default on that debt collection lawsuit. Don’t just let your hard earned wages be garnished. Fight wage garnishment, defend your rights and your money and make the collector prove its case in court.  Low flat monthly fees for legal representation.

TCLG and the former Weisberg and Meyers Attorneys for Consumers were awesome in settling my case and they both did what other attorneys didn’t have the guts to do. And I didn’t spend a penny! -Josh, Rockford, IL

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Credit Card Debt Lawsuit DefenseYou have options when faced with a debt collection lawsuit or wage garnishment. Debt Help Lawyers experienced with defending debt lawsuits may be able to have the lawsuit against you dismissed, or may be able to stop an unlawful wage garnishment. All defense fees are a low flat rates and the initial consultation is free. Would you like to learn more about how to fight back?


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